How an Auto Repair Shop Owner Increased His Revenues by 67% in 30 Days

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Southeast Florida is known for being one of the most competitive regions in the country for the automotive industry, yet one south Florida shop owner was able to increase his business by 67% in just one month. 

We are going to dive into how he did it and how you can apply some of these concepts to increase revenue in your company… 

1. Start with a solid sales process.

This owner already had a shop with a great staff, who knew how to answer the phones, bring the customer in for service and then deliver a top quality product. They had a great name in the community and a strong referral business. If you aren’t yet reliably turning leads into customers, this is the first area to focus on.

2. Understand how your ideal customer shops.

There are an overwhelming amount of places you could be advertising. How do you choose? With the help of the right professional you can identify where and how your ideal customer is shopping. In the case of this Auto Repair business, we were able to show him how the typical way people choose a shop is through a Google or search engine search…

Client increase in Google Rankings

“If you are fortunate to own a business where people actively search online for your product or service, you are potentially sitting on pure gold.”  

Quite simply, if you know your customer is going on Google and searching for your product or service, you have the opportunity to capture consumers that are already looking for you! This makes marketing ultra efficient…

If you have well targeted Google campaigns, you can dramatically reduce the number of people who need to see your ads to get an equal number of leads – this means MORE LEADS AT LESS COST.  

If you have a quality product or service and reliable sales process, from there it is simply a numbers game…

3. Know thy numbers.

Here is where the power of #2 can really take off when you are partnered with the right marketing professional…

There is major power is in knowing your numbers. 

And figuring out those numbers doesn’t have to be overly complicated to have big success! They must be accurate though.

Here is THE key number every business should know…

The average lifetime or, at a minimum, the average yearly profit of a new customer. Simply, after you subtract your costs of delivering the product or service, what are your average profits over the next year or longer?

From here you can decide how much you can pay to acquire a new customer.

“The business who can pay the most to acquire a new customer wins.”

Ryan Diess

At the end of the day, advertising is about getting your brand out in front of the customer. And if you can afford to out advertise your competition the odds of you gaining more market share are in your favor. 

Now there are a whole host of numbers we could discuss to really dive into on the subject of creating a profitable company, but I am going to bring this back to our Auto Repair shop…

When we started the shop owner was happily spending $3000 a month to drive about 50 phone calls from his mailers. So we knew it was profitable for him to spend $60 per phone call to his shop. 

After meeting with Immersive SEO, we were able to evaluate the cost of driving phone calls through Google and we were clear we could bring him in well under the $60 per call cost. 

Within the first 30 days (and consistently now for years after), for the same $3000, we were and are able to drive almost 200 phone calls per month. 

The dramatic increase in new phone calls allowed the shop to increase their revenues by 67% in just one month! 

This campaign is so successful and reliable, we now offer phone call guarantees for shop owners across the country.

The Vending Machine Philosophy

When thinking about a business’s sales and marketing, the analogy I love to use it to imagine the marketing and sales process is like creating a vending machine where you put $1 and you get $2+ back…

Creating this machine requires an understanding of both the business’s numbers AND how to build efficient marketing campaigns that deliver leads at a cost that allows the business to grow in revenue as they grow in marketing spend.

If I had a vending machine in front of me that I could put $1 in to and get $2 back, you bet I would be stuffing my money in as fast I could. 

Would you?

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If you aren’t in the Auto Repair industry and curious to explore the cost of having the search engine as a highly efficient source of leads for your business, we would love to help! 

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